Best Planners for Entrepreneurs

I just was in ClickUp, checking out what tasks I had left for today or making sure my assignments are ready for tomorrow. Earlier I probably checked my 90X Planner to ensure I was still on task. These are my two main ways of making sure I get things done. 

I want to share with you my top five planners for entrepreneurs. I’ve tried just about every planner on the market. Some were too simple. Some were too complicated, and these five planners are just right. I have included one online task management system and four paper planners. 

Entrepreneurs need to build daily habits that help them stay organized. Planners can help you to achieve your goals. There are a lot of planners out there, but here are some that all entrepreneurs can benefit from to help them get through the day.

Which tech should you use to plan your business?

The best software program to use for planning your business is one that helps you stay organized. ClickUp can do a lot, but I will mainly mention it’s keeping up with work tasks features for this blog post. ClickUp is an online task management tool. I use it to keep track of my client’s tasks and my own. It can be as simple as creating a checklist for each client or topic. If you have a team, you can assign tasks through the platform. You can also create recurring tasks to keep track of things you have to do daily or weekly. I can’t say enough good things about ClickUp. It’s perfect for projects and simple tasks. I recommend trying the free plan first and then upgrading if you like it. I upgraded to the business plan after a little over a year.

What are some of the best paper planners for Entrepreneurs?

The 90X Planner* is a 90-day planner, which makes it perfect for entrepreneurs who want to plan quarterly. It’s a daily, weekly, and monthly planner. My favorite part of the planner is the top 5 goals of the quarter section. It allows me to know what I want to accomplish during the quarter. The daily pages start with the top five actions to take towards your goals each day. The 90X Planner has a system that will help you figure out your goals, set them, and follow through on them.

I used The Day Designer* planner for two years. It’s a daily planner. It comes dated or undated. I love the daily to-do lists. There is also a schedule for each day. There is a place for what you are grateful for, top three to-do prompts, and notes on each page.  It includes goal-setting worksheets and an annual overview. There are inspirational quotes on each page. The paper quality is excellent (100 GSM White Paper), and the cover is durable.

If you use my affiliate link for The Day Designer and use the code NEWYEAR15 you can get 15% off. If you want to try their free downloads to see how great their planners are, download their free pages.

Inkwell Press has daily and weekly planners. I have used and loved both. The paper quality is even better than The Day Designer (140 GSM White Paper). The planners are 100% customizable. It is a disc-bound planner system. I prefer daily planners for entrepreneurs so I will focus on their daily planners. I love the three daily sections to evaluate what tasks need to be done. The three sections are escalate, cultivate, and accommodate. There’s a schedule for each day and a note section. There’s also a monthly mission board (my favorite part!) and a daily habit tracker.

I now have a bonus planner to add to this page. It is MY planner. I created a Business Goal Planner for 2022. My favorite pages are the project planner pages. But I also love the goal pages. If you want to read more about the goal planner, click here. That page shows everything included in the planner. It is a printable PDF planner, but it can also be used with Goodnotes and other PDF apps on your iPad. With Goodnotes, the planner is like writing on paper. This planner is geared toward planning business goals for the year.

I recently discovered The Planner Pad in 2021. It has been around for 30 years! But it’s new to me, and I’m so glad I started using it. I am now using it as a personal and business planner. Why is it so great? First, it has equal time for all days of the week. Second, most people like the ‘funnel down’ feature. You write everything you need to do during the week at the top. Then you divide it by days. Finally, you divide it into the daily scheduler in the appointments section. The drawback is that I need a bookmark for this planner because I can never find what page I need to be on and some of my tasks only take 15 minutes, so the hourly appointment section doesn’t always work for me. Nevertheless, I highly recommend you try this planner.

The cons of using the Planner Pad are the lack of note pages, not having a top 3 tasks list, and it’s too big sometimes (letter size). I like to take my planner with me when I’m going to the park or sitting in a doctor’s office.

These are my top five planners for entrepreneurs. I’ve used them all at different times. I recommend all five. Check out their features and choose one to help you manage your tasks and get things done. I’m currently using The Planner Pad for weekly planning and my business planner for projects and notes, and I eventually put everything in ClickUp. I don’t want to forget anything!

Links with an asterisk are affiliate links. I only recommend products I use and love.

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