How To Build a Personal Brand

Creating a memorable personal brand is not something that happens overnight, but the work you put into it can help you reach your career or business goals.  Your personal brand is the way people perceive or remember you. It’s what you are known for. Having a personal brand can help distinguish you in your career field … Read more

How to Organize Your Email Inbox

You need to deal with emails. Don’t let them pile up in your inbox. Letting the emails sit there may cause overwhelm. I will share some tips on how I, as a virtual assistant,  organize my client’s emails. It doesn’t matter whether you use Gmail, Outlook, or another email service for these tips. To get … Read more

Top 9 Reasons for Starting an Online Business

Starting a business of your own might seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! Most online business entrepreneurs start with something they have a passion for, something they love, or at least have an interest in. There are literally hundreds of online business ideas available on the internet: From Bookkeeping to … Read more

Pinterest Marketing Strategies for 2021

Pinterest is experiencing a lot of changes, but it is still excellent for business. Over 200 million people are on the platform and ready to find your content.  Stories (think Instagram) are available in some countries. Videos have been available for a while. The more stories and videos you can do, the better. Fresh pins are … Read more

17 Blog Post Topics

17 Blog Post Topics for Engaging and Interesting Content Struggling with knowing what to blog? Most bloggers find themselves at an impasse when it comes to coming up with new ideas for what to write about. Take a look at these 17 different topics to create incredibly compelling and clickable blog posts. These topics represent … Read more

The Ultimate SEO Checklist

The following checklist is designed to help you optimize your website for maximum SEO results. Some optimizations are site-wide while others apply to individual pages.  SEO Optimizations for Entire Website: Your site is secured with an SSL certificate.  Your site looks good on mobile phones.  Images are compressed. Browser caching is implemented. HTML is minified. … Read more

Top Five Podcasts for Business Owners

As a business owner, I have learned a great deal about business from the podcasts listed below. These podcasts have helped me make more money and have more impact. In addition, I’ve learned how to do email and social media marketing just by listening to these free resources. I hope you find this list helpful.  … Read more

How to Create a Fascinating Sales Page

A Great Sales Page is a Must. A great sales page is an absolutely essential part of any sales funnel. The sales/landing page is what ultimately leads a person to open up their wallet, take out their credit card, and buy from you. If you have a mediocre sales page, you simply won’t make many sales. A … Read more

Best Planners for Entrepreneurs

Chances are, I just was in ClickUp, checking out what tasks I had left for today or making sure my assignments are ready for tomorrow. Earlier I probably checked my 90X Planner to make sure I was still on task. These are my two main ways of making sure I get things done.  I want … Read more

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