Business Resources

Business Resources


I use Quickbooks for keeping track of my business finances. Save up to 50% off QuickBooks Self-Employed. Use my link for a free trial. I have not used Wave (yet) but Wave is a free accounting software. An accountant is probably better for most business owners. If you are an artist, check out Hannah Cole services.


For contracts, Yasmine Salem Hamdan is a great source. Katherine de Vos Devine is an excellent lawyer for any business needs. Want to DIY your LLC? Check out Andrea Vetter's mini-course. Lucrezia has legal templates specifically for bloggers.

Email Marketing

I use the Raelyn's Happy Subscriber Toolkit for my email marketing needs. It saves so much time. Read more about why I love it here. Raelyn also has List Building Incubator which has more support and email marketing resources. As for as which email marketing platform to use, ConvertKit and MailerLite are my favorites. The free version of both are fine for beginners.


Namecheap is good for hosting. Flywheel is awesome for WordPress hosting. Great customer service. If you are a witch or healer, Patty will help you with your tech (and more) in her membership - The Fiery Well. I've been a member for over 15 months. Patty also offers 1:1 service. Check her out! She's the best. Interested in a CRM? I use HoneyBook. It saves so much time. Use my link for $1 to use Honeybook for $1 a month for the first 8 months. If you are asked for a code, enter kvs.

Business How-To

Wendy Garrido is an excellent authentic marketing coach. She helps entrepreneurs learn about flow, ease, alignment, inspiration and building a business that evolves WITH you, based on creating offerings that are financially AND emotionally/spiritually sustainable!


I use Bearable to track everything related to my health (physical & mental). It is so helpful. I don't know what I did before. I believe this will get you a discount. Not an affiliate link, so I'm not sure of the discount. Here are a few of my favorite books on various topics including neurodiversity and Stephen King.

Task Management

I've used ClickUp for about 2 years. I recently upgraded to the Business plan. You can use ClickUp for free and decide if you need to upgrade later. I recommend Layla's Click Up class for beginners. Want to remove bottlenecks and document business processes? Join Layla's Process Driven Membership. I also like Trello for task management. I know many people like it for their teams.

Free & Awesome

LastPass is free for storing and sharing passwords unless you want it on mobile and the web. Want to track your time? Toggl and Harvest are free options. Get Online, Witch! is a free way to build your online presence. Join Patty's program to start your online life. Want a free way to survey your audience? Find out what your audience really wants by getting this free audience survey template.


The Fearless Marketing Bible for Life Coaches by Simone Seol
Interested in launching? Read Nastassia's guide to launching: Perfect Launch Plan Book

This page is a collection of my favorite tools and resources. It may contain affiliate links, which means if you click one of my affiliate links and decide to make a purchase, I receive a tiny commission from the seller at no additional cost to you. I only share products and services I have used, tested, and love myself. 

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