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Join GROW – Business & Marketing Academy to make marketing easier and get consistent revenue. GROW is Peggy Re James’ 12-month marketing program.

  • Do you want to hit 10K months consistently without working all the time?
  • Do you need help clarifying your message?
  • Want structure and strategy in your business?
  • Want to develop your growth and money mindset?

I took GROW – Business & Marketing Academy as a course, but I didn’t get to take the LIVE version with 12 months of coaching calls and a lifetime community.

Join today to learn how to scale, how and when to hire, how to duplicate yourself, and what systems to use.

Grow Business and Marketing Academy 12 months group experience
Are you a service pro or coach that wants to hit and maintain 10K months and beyond? This is for you!

Older Version of the course. Much more is included!

*I’m an affiliate of this program. I’ve been a satisfied member for about two years of Peggy’s programs. She’s the best!! She tells you what you need to hear. Using my link costs you nothing extra. I would never recommend something I didn’t love.

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