How to Get a Business Pinterest Account

How to Get a Business Pinterest Account

If you are using Pinterest to promote your business, then you should get a business account. Per Pinterest terms of service: If you want to use Pinterest for commercial purposes, you must create a business account and agree to our Business Terms of Service

Besides, with a personal account, you won’t see your analytics, get access to new features as soon as they are available, use rich pins and run ads. Plus, a business account is FREE!

If you already have a personal account, you have a few options. One easy thing to do is switch your personal account to a business account and lock your personal boards. Locked boards are sometimes called secret boards. You don’t have to make your nonbusiness boards secret. It’s up to you. I recommend clients keep most nonbusiness boards secret, so Pinterest can know how to categorize their accounts.  If you do this, your followers and pins will remain the same. 

You can also switch between personal and business accounts. This is a newer feature called linking your accounts. You can use the same email and password for both accounts. In addition, you can link up to four business accounts to a personal Pinterest account.

To see your analytics, get access to new features as soon as they are available, use rich pins and run ads, you will need a business account.  

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Log into your personal Pinterest account
  2. From the top-right of your screen, click the directional down arrow.
  3. Then click Add account.
  4. Under Create a free business account, click Create
  5. Click Create a linked business account
  6. Click Create linked account
  7. Fill out the fields to Build your profile, then click Next
  8. Fill out the fields to Describe your business, then click Next
  9. Select if you want to run ads, then click Next
  10. Select where you’d like to start or click the X icon to go to your linked Pinterest business account

You don’t have to decide about running ads now. You can update your profile anytime.

P.S. They have added more characters to all profiles if you’ve had a Pinterest account for a while. Optimize your Pinterest account with more keywords!

I’m interested in your feedback on Pinterest. I’m doing research for a mini-Pinterest course and I would like to know your opinion and questions about Pinterest. Thank you

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