How to Handle Business Stress and Regain Balance in Your Life

I used to think that stress was something that happened to me, and there was nothing I could do about it. I have learned that stress is something I have a lot of control over in my life. There are little things I can do to lower my stress level, which will help me become calmer and less irritable.

Every human is confronted with a certain amount of stress daily. However, the quantity of stress and how you deal with it can be the difference between success and burnout, and it is not exclusive to any group of people. Business owners, high schoolers, college students, and new mothers endure different stress levels. Let us investigate how to manage stress and recover equilibrium in your life.

3 Things to Start Doing to Have Less Stress in Your Business

1. Make Time for Yourself

Take control of your time and get more done! Working on your time management skills is the key to making the most of your day. Make the most of your 24 hours by unplugging for an hour and focusing all your attention on one task. No social media, no emails, no phone calls – just you and your to-do list!

Start with the most difficult job, then move on. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it’s done, and you’ll be motivated to do more. Take a break for a few minutes after an hour of work, then get back to work.

You can try the Pomodoro technique for a change of pace. The Pomodoro technique is a time management method that breaks work into 25-minute intervals, followed by a short break. This helps ensure that your work is focused and that you get regular breaks throughout the day. It also helps to keep you from getting overwhelmed or distracted.

You don’t have to work in 25-minute intervals. I usually do 30-minute intervals and take a 3-5 minute break. I’ve found that doing shorter intervals helps me stay focused and motivated.

2. Stop Saying Yes: Find Joy In Your Work Again

Do you feel joy or dread when you wake up? Are you eager to return to work, or would you rather ditch the office and take some free time? Anxiety can often be caused when you agree to do too many things without considering your physical limitations.

Set boundaries for yourself. Be honest with yourself about what you can do. Of course, we want to please our clients, but it’s impossible to please everyone all the time. Set your priorities and then stick to them. Of course, we want our clients to be happy, but it’s impossible to please everyone. By saying “yes” all the time, we risk our happiness. Set boundaries with clients, set a refund policy for customers, and schedule some much-needed time on your calendar.

Setting boundaries is a way of caring for myself. It is self-love in action. It is an act of respect and an assertion of my right to be treated with dignity.

– Christina Rasmussen

3. Strategies for Attracting Prospects and Generating Revenue

Finances can be stressful for businesses, as there is the constant worry of having enough customers to pay for your goods and services. Nevertheless, if you consistently strategize to bring in prospects and ignore the new shiny objects, there will always be people in the sales cycle.

What ways of engaging do you want to use? What social media platforms? Where are your ideal prospects located online? Before investing in costly advertising campaigns, take advantage of your free or inexpensive marketing options first. If you’re unfamiliar with social media or running a Facebook Ad campaign, try to find a free resource to get you started, join a membership for a couple of months or take a self-paced course. If you have the resources, outsource it or hire someone to teach you the ideal practices.

Use these questions to lessen the stress in your business.  

Parts of my business that I loveWhat I don’t like doing

Things I don’t like doing (Business)
AutomateOutsource Scrap



Things I don’t like doing (Home)
AutomateOutsource Scrap

What one habit am I going to change?
My top five worst business habits…              

The habit I need to/want to/think I can break right now…          
How I plan to do this…

Ways I Can Practice Better Self-Care



If you need more help relieving business stress, check out my work/life management journal. Some people call it work-life balance. It has 49 prompts. It can be printed, or you can answer the prompts in your journal. Get clarity on your work-life balance with this journal. Check out the images below:


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