Learn How to Effectively Use ClickUp

The Fiery Well is bringing in ClickUp expert Layla at ProcessDriven for a live training on April 6 at 4 PM Eastern* (or catch the replay forever)! In this live training, Layla will guide you through a real-life example of how you can turn a “hot mess” process into a well-defined workflow by creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) inside ClickUp (or any other tool)! She’ll cover:

  • the exact 3-step process you’ll need to take any workflow from “all in my head” to “delegation-ready” without spending hours of your time writing time-consuming “work instructions”
  • the essential pieces your SOPs need to have (and what you can ignore)
  • Q&A to discuss how real businesses use ClickUp as a living “instruction manual” for business operations

This event is open to members of The Fiery Well only! Not a member? Join today! What is The Fiery Well? Referred to as “coaching disguised as tech support” by members, The Fiery Well is where your business, systems, process, tech and website becomes magic. For me, The Fiery Well has helped me with getting clear on my business goals and given me website help. I have really enjoyed all the previous live trainings (especially the content creation workshop) and can’t wait for this live training.

I am an affiliate of The Fiery Well. I’ve been an extremely satisfied member for several months. Joining through my link won’t cost you extra.  

*If you are reading this after April 6, you can watch the replay. It will be inside your account, along with other live trainings.

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