Pinterest Marketing Strategies for 2021

Pinterest is experiencing a lot of changes, but it is still excellent for business. Over 200 million people are on the platform and ready to find your content. 

Stories (think Instagram) are available in some countries. Videos have been available for a while. The more stories and videos you can do, the better.

Fresh pins are all the rage. What are fresh pins? New pins. See more about fresh pins below. Pinterest is all about pinning your own content. You don’t even have to share other people’s content anymore. I still do, but if you have a ton of your own content you don’t have to. 

What are the Pinterest experts saying?

On fresh pins, Cara Chace says, “A fresh Pin, according to Pinterest, is an image or video that hasn’t been seen before. It means you can create as many Pins as you want for a single URL, as long as the image/video is different”. 

I try to limit my fresh pins to 10 pins for each url. 

Meagan Williamson says, “Consistency is the key to growing your audience on Pinterest! In fact, consistency is key on any social media channel. Honey, you ain’t going to get results if you don’t engage with your audience there consistently”.

Being consistent on Pinterest means pinning every day. Tailwind* makes this relatively painless. Pinning five pins a day is fine. Don’t pin more than 25 pins a day. 

Kristen Larsen says, “Using Pinterest and Tailwind analytics, research who your audience is. You can learn what topics our viewers are researching – use this information to your advantage!”

This will help you know what content to create and which pins to keep creating pins for when you run out of fresh content. 

After you look at your Pinterest analytics, Christina Willis suggests “If you notice that a particular Pin design is getting a lot of impressions, saves or link clicks due to a particular style of pin design, of a particular color choice or due to a certain text, then create your Pins to highlight more of that! This is one way you can get to know what resonates with your audience and customers better than your other designs”. 

Finally, Cathy Heflin has some wise words on my favorite Pinterest subject – keywords. “Your account will include relevant boards for your content.  The names of those boards should be easy to understand, clear and should include relevant keywords.  While fun, cute names may seem appealing when you are creating your titles, I suggest something more straight forward.  Remember, Pinterest is attempting to match you and your content to searchers.  You want to be sure it is clear to the search engine what can be found in the board.”

Keywords should be used everywhere on Pinterest. You need them in your profile, in the pin description, board titles, and on the pin graphic. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine. 

I hope this blog post has helped you with your Pinterest marketing strategy. 

*Affiliate link. I’ve been using Tailwind for years. It makes Pinterest so much easier.


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