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I help business owners get on podcasts

Podcast pitching is excellent for business owners looking to expand their influence and visibility in their industry. I’ll help your podcast pitch stand out. I will pick relevant shows with your input, or if you want me to do it all, I will. First, I research each podcast I will pitch you to. Then, I write pitches that feel specific to you and what you can offer the podcast.

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Taking on a new client in summer 2022. Contact me if you are interested.

We can work in 6-week blocks. No mandatory minimum for podcast pitching.

About Me

My name is Kat. I’ve done more than 200 podcast pitches for life coaches, business coaches, and astrologers. I can’t guarantee any specific number of podcasts you will be on. I can guarantee I will do my best work for you and you will be able to follow my work. If you want to make this a partnership, we can. Or if you want me to do all of it, that works. I’ve done both.

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Kat H.

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