Why Business Owners Need an Admin Virtual Assistant

Is your email a mess? Do you need help with organizing your files on Google Drive? Are you sick of dealing with spreadsheets? You want to compose your newsletter, but you hate dealing with the email service provider? Does the thought of making travel plans want to tear your hair out? You need to hire a virtual administrative assistant. 

First, what is a virtual assistant? A VA is a person who works remotely to serve your business. An excellent virtual assistant works with you to achieve your dreams and goals. 

Admin VAs can schedule your appointments, respond to your emails, and organize your calendar. Administrative assistants can often do anything thrown at us. We know how to research if we don’t know how to do something

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and we know how to solve problems. We love working behind the scenes and helping business owners fulfill their passions. 

It would be best for your business if you weren’t focusing on admin work. You should be doing what you were meant to do. You need to focus on your zone of genius. Hiring a VA will free up your time, and it also allows you to make more money because you are focused on what you do best. You don’t need to answer every customer’s email.  

Here are a few things an admin virtual assistant can help you with:

  • Schedule meetings
  • Respond to phone calls and emails
  • Perform market research
  • File management
  • Keep track of your contacts
  • Create and send invoices
  • Prepare spreadsheets 
  • Transcription
  • Set up social media accounts
  • Schedule social media
  • Following up with clients
  • Publish your blog posts and newsletters
  • Screen emails
  • Proofread

There are many places to find excellent virtual assistants. (Hello! I have 17 years of administrative experience. Contact me today. ) I recommend getting to know people via social media. I know people hate Facebook, but there are plenty of places you can easily post exactly what you are looking for. Upwork may also work for you. LinkedIn is also a great way to search for potential VAs.

Need 2-5 hours of admin stuff done a month, so you can get back to want you really want to do? Contact me now!  I love admin! 

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