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Pinterest Services

Are you eager to make Pinterest effective to drive more visitors and earnings and generate a larger email list? I specialize in Pinterest account setup and management and even offer lower rates to help new businesses get started. Reach out to me now, and let me assist you in making the most of this remarkable platform!

Blogging Services

Ready to launch your blog but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry – I’m here to help! I have four years of experience writing SEO-friendly and engaging blogs on any topic – from online business to astrology! So let’s get going – let’s get your blog rolling today!

content repursing guide. Free copy.


My Business Has Increased Unexpectedly, And I Had Never Even Heard Of A Virtual Assistant, But I Saw Kat’s Post On HBA, And I Thought Myself… Yes, I Need This! I Like That Kat Is Also A Tarot Reader. It Makes Me Feel Like My Work Is More Accepted And Understood. I Appreciate The Fact That I Do Not Have To Follow Up On Anything Ever. So I Send It To Kat, And It’s As Good As Done. My Business Has Grown 200%, And I Have Been Able To Delegate Tasks That Are Not My Strength, Freeing Me To Focus On Things That I Find Enjoyable And Things That Further Expand My Business.

Chauna Bryant, Founder Of Breath Liberation Society

Kat is a wealth of Pinterest knowledge. I was really overwhelmed by developing my presence on another platform, but Kat broke it down into small, actionable steps to optimize my content and keywords. She even offered blog post and keyword ideas that would gain traction on Pinterest for my ideal clients and walked me through analytics – which added so much value. I feel like I now have a clear plan for working with Pinterest. 

Rae from This is a Spell 

Kat Virtual Services is a true lifesaver! She brings order to my chaos in a very diligent way. She takes down the barriers of things that cause me to procrastinate so I actually get things done like sending emails and getting my admin in order. I really appreciate her patience, kindness and relaxed approach.

Valerie K. – Health & Welness Coach

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