Top Ten Seo Tips and Tricks

SEO is the process of optimizing your website (pages, blog posts, and more) for search engines like Google. If you understand it and do it right, you can get a significant amount of traffic from search engines.  If you want to get traffic to your website, it’s essential to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here … Read more

How to Manage Your Calendar

Keeping appointments and deadlines in a calendar is essential. Without one, unless you’ve got a fabulous memory (I don’t), things go bad quickly! Unfortunately, many people still struggle with electronic calendar set up, something I see with clients every day. This is how it usually happens: They have a job before they start their business, and … Read more

Why Do You Procrastinate? And How to Stop.

Nearly every day, clients and prospective clients come to me with a big idea or project they want to tackle. Some are brimming with excitement, others with concern. Either way, some jump right in while others just seem to stall. Procrastination is something we’ve all been guilty of now and then. (My particular form of … Read more

How to Create a Personal Brand

What Is a Personal Brand? ● A personal brand is much more than a flashy logo or a color palette. A personal brand goes far beyond having a nice-looking Instagram page. A personal brand is not just about having a website with your name on it, although that’s certainly part of it. ● Your personal … Read more

How to Increase Your Hourly Rate

If you work for yourself, your income naturally depends on your hourly rate. Of course, you’d love to make a better hourly wage. But how do you know if you’re fairly paid? Here are some tips on when you should (and shouldn’t!) raise your rate. When You Should Raise Your Rates 1. Your skills or … Read more

Five Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Running a blog, Instagram, Etsy shop, or business can have you overwhelmed and overworked. A virtual assistant can take a load off of your shoulders. Are you debating on hiring one or not? Here are a few reasons to start outsourcing your work: 1. Outsource the things that stress you out & improve the quality … Read more

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